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At Ventis we believe every yacht should meet the exacting desires of each Owner.

No two Owners are alike - neither are their yachts. 


Design & Naval Architecture

Our team of Naval Architects at Ventis offer a complete design service starting with Concept Design Development. Together with the client we develop early ideas on hull lines, exterior design and interior arrangement into a working design.  

Our team of engineers will handle construction details, systems engineering, drawings, schematics and certification during every new build project. 


Ventis has specialised in wooden yacht construction for more than 30 years and has always focused on developing construction processes and adopting innovative techniques to improve our yachts. 

Today we are focused on incorporating both traditional and modern boat building techniques to achieve the optimal yachts with great sailing characteristics and long service lives. 

Ventis After Sales Care

We hope to see our yachts sailing long voyages all around the world. To ensure our Owners have a trouble-free, unforgettable experience onboard their yachts every time, we offer a tailored service package. We can take care of everything from general shipment of replacement parts, cleaning and voyage preparation to complete yacht care package including annual survey, storage and maintenance

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