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Classic yachts demand care and attention. At Ventis we strive to offer the right care at the right time in the life of a classic yacht. 


Design & Naval Architecture

Our naval architectural team at Ventis have experience working at some of the oldest yacht design firms. Together with our colleagues around the globe we strive to obtain original plans and design details enabling us to get one step closer to original authenticity on every restoration project. 


With a long history of ship carpentry embedded in our team, we can restore just about any type of wooden yacht using the boat building techniques complimentary to those used during your yachts original construction. 

Ventis After Sales Care

We hope to see our yachts sailing long voyages all around the world. To ensure our Owners have a trouble-free, unforgettable experience onboard their yachts every time, we offer a tailored service package. We can take of everything from general shipment of replacement parts, cleaning and voyage preparation to complete yacht care package including annual survey, storage and maintenance

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