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Classic yachts demand care and attention at varying stages in their life. At Ventis we strive to offer the right care at the right time in a classic yachts life. 


Craning, Mast Stepping, Rigging

Our naval architectural team at Ventis have experience working at some of the oldest yacht design firms. Together with our colleagues around the globe we strive to obtain original plans and design details enabling us to get one step closer to original authenticity on every restoration project. 


Wooden yachts require exacting conditions when lifted out of the water in order to slow drying of the hull timbers. We offer internal storage to yachts  

Ventis Summer Splash Service

We offer a complete service package and preparation to our clients. A certified Ventis team member will check all of the key components of your yacht ensuring all you need to do is arrive at the dock ready to go sailing. 

Detail Cleaning 


Engine and Machinery Check

Filling of Diesel, Water, Gas

Basic Provisioning

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