Our Projects

With a broad range of services our past projects have ranged in size, duration and complexity.

Below is a selection of our completed projects over the years. 

S/Y Nyala

New build S&S design SY Nyala. 

  • 1/6

    S/Y Nyala

    New build S&S design 

  • 1/6

    8mR Rig

    New meter-class BRASKER racing rig

  • 1/7

    S/Y Marguax

    Classic restoration

  • 1/8

    S/Y Kaa

    High performance BRASKER Mast

  • 1/2

    S/Y Elana

    New BRASKER spars

  • 1/4

    S/Y Germania Nova

    BRASKER spars

  • 1/12

    40m Schooner 

    New BRASKER spreaders

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